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Say goodbye to basic and inefficient SMS software. You need a tool that meets your growing needs for better segmentation, automation, personalization, and believable attribution.

A tool, that if you decide to do so - can manage both your email and SMS from one place without sacrificing deliverability. A tool, which unlike others allows you to use your customer data from various sources to run campaigns you’ve never thought possible.

The tool is called Bloomreach Engagement, and you can try it now for yourself - free for 30 days.


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Brands that tried Bloomreach and never looked back

🤝Email and SMS Shouldn't Be Siloed

Many companies start this way. But once you grow beyond a certain threshold, you find yourself at a point where:


  • Your email tool is good at transactional emails, but your SMS tool is not. So you start installing more tools and stitching everything together like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Your email, your SMS, your GA4, your Meta Ad account, and even your attribution app show you different numbers. And you know that each tool is “grading their own homework”, so which one should you trust?

  • You realize you cannot see the forest from the trees - because it’s so difficult to understand the customer’s experience, the weight of each channel, and see what channel is actually driving conversions.

  • You realize that to send a campaign, you have to create two audiences - one for SMS, and one for email. Either one or the other - never together.

  • You feel limited by the tool’s shallow features like segmentation and use cases you can run due to incomplete and siloed data

Bloomreach SMS Gives You Freedom

🛠️To Have your Email and SMS data in one platform

Connect your email tool, e.g. Klaviyo, and get two-way sync of customer profiles, campaign events, and consents which allows you to use the same list or segment in both Klaviyo and Bloomreach. Create messages based on customer properties, predicted behavior, or even actions taken on any channel.


The options are limitless.

💰To See how campaigns impact your unit economics

Say Adios to inflexible pre-built reports - they don’t tell you anything and only distract from what’s important. Like, what’s the impact of a specific campaign on customer LTV?

Or which combination of campaigns drive growth and retention? How profitable are email and sms campaigns and what is their ROI?

🧠With AI that helps you text less and convert more

Our reporting gives you valuable insights, but to offer a truly personalized customer experience, you’ll need help from AI.


  • 1:1 optimal send times feature to send messages when each subscriber is most likely to buy.  
  • AI-driven and rule based product recommendations that display the right products for every subscriber based on their unique behaviors and attributes. 
  • Create a custom prediction model tailored to your strategy, like “Best Channel” to send communication on the channel where each individual subscriber is most likely to convert.
We’ve completely changed the way we do SMS campaigns with Bloomreach
“We used to see our SMS channel barely break even prior to adopting Bloomreach Engagement. We’ve completely changed the way we do SMS campaigns with Bloomreach and it’s become an important part of our omnichannel strategy. Bloomreach Engagement lets us see how all of our channels are working together to offer the best possible customer experience.”
Jack Worthington
Senior CRM Executive, boohooMAN

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