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Forget about Attentive or Postscript.
The real magic happens when you combine SMS with customer data from other channels – so you spend less and convert more.

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And for a limited time, if you’re already using an SMS vendor, we’ll even beat your current price by 20% for 24 months. Guaranteed.

✔️ Easy: Hassle-free setup by our dedicated advisor that will connect your Shopify store and help with other integrations like Klaviyo.
✔️High Volume:
Send 500,000 SMS messages for free as part of the trial.
✔️Low Risk:
There's no upfront commitment, no credit card, no reason to say 'no.'

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Use that Shopify or Klaviyo Data for Limitless Campaign Ideas

Leverage Shopify & Klaviyo customer data and go beyond standard welcome or cart abandonment flows. Create campaigns you previously thought were impossible, send AI-driven MMS upsell campaigns triggered after the purchase with personalized product recommendations, or follow up with customers who clicked on a link within an SMS, but didn't complete their purchase. The opportunities are limitless.

Personalize Messages with AI Product Recommendations

With Bloomreach SMS, product recommendations aren’t limited to just email – and they are based on the customer, not aggregate data. Set up rule-based or AI-driven product recommendations that display the perfect product for every subscriber based on their unique behaviors, attributes, and preferences. Add these product recommendations to your website for a cohesive cross-channel experience.

Hyper-Target Messages to Reach the Right Customers
Powered by a built-in Customer Data Engine, our platform creates a single view of each customer and all of their data—in one place. Harness this data to create sophisticated segments for hyper-targeted campaigns that reach the right person, every time.
Grow Your List Quickly (and Compliantly)

Capture SMS subscribers with ready-to-launch TCPA-compliant sign-up units. We include the required legal language so you can feel confident your opt-ins meet the necessary consent requirements. Built-in TCPA List Validation removes reassigned numbers and litigators from the list automatically, to prevent violations before they occur.

Let AI Decide the Best Send Time

Our optimal send time prediction removes the guesswork from determining the best send times for your customers. The model is trained on historical click data at the recipient level, so you can be confident that you’re sending messages when each subscriber is most likely to engage.

🤔Sounds exciting, why Bloomreach?

  Bloomreach Your Solution
Personalize every single touch point, including personalized product recommendations.
Lacking customer data, generic “personalization,” cannot support personalized product recommendations.
Limitless segmentation capabilities. Create audiences based on every customer interaction and preference – using any customer behavior, across all channels.
Segmentation is limited and primarily focused on purchase data and SMS-specific behaviors, rather than all possible behavioral criteria.
Get both a bird’s eye view and fully customizable, deep-dive capabilities. Visualize your data directly in the platform, or export it for more granular analysis. Take action immediately from reports.
Limited reporting capabilities that only focus on SMS behaviors and are not flexible. Support is often required to build custom reports. Many reports are raw .CSV exports and not visual.
🔀Multichannel campaigns
A true multi-channel platform with the ability to send campaigns on any channel, using AI to identify the best send time and right channel for each customer. Not an SMS point solution, but includes all of the features and functionality you need to grow your SMS program.
Not omnichannel, primarily an SMS solution. Cannot easily orchestrate across channels that are outside of Attentive. Results disjointed customer journey.
💾List Ownership
With Bloomreach, you always own your customer data and can take your subscriber list elsewhere, if you choose. Your brand, your customers, your data.
Often holds subscriber lists hostage if brands threaten to leave. Requires customers to use their sign-up units to ensure compliance.
Get accurate, reliable, and customizable campaign attribution, so you know exactly how much revenue SMS and other channels contributed. We do not prescribe a specific attribution model, and we don’t take “extra credit” for your revenue.
Attribution is egregious and some default to 1-day view, 30-day post click. This results in inflated SMS-attributed revenue.


We’ve completely changed the way we do SMS campaigns with Bloomreach
“We used to see our SMS channel barely break even prior to adopting Bloomreach Engagement. We’ve completely changed the way we do SMS campaigns with Bloomreach and it’s become an important part of our omnichannel strategy. Bloomreach Engagement lets us see how all of our channels are working together to offer the best possible customer experience.”
Jack Worthington
Senior CRM Executive, boohooMAN
Integrates Effortlessly with Shopify, Klaviyo and Others

Our native Shopify integration makes setup seamless and ensures you’ll see all customer, order, and product data within Bloomreach. In addition, you’ll see on-site behavioral events like session starts, page visits, cart updates, and more. Tap into this data to trigger and personalize campaigns. And if you’re considering a switch, our growing list of 130+ integrations makes it easy along with our flexible APIs that can accommodate any custom needs.

Flexible Pricing

After your trial ends, you won’t be paying for seats or contacts. Bloomreach’s price is primarily determined by your volume of data and SMS/MMS sent. And for a limited time only, we’ll even beat your current SMS contract price for 24 months. Guaranteed.

Onboarding & Support

Fast-track your SMS success, with our guided in-app onboarding experience and a dedicated advisor to ensure the success of your trial. If you need expert help, reach out via live in-app chat or email.

boohooMAN Sees High ROI from SMS Campaigns Powered by Customer Data

25x ROI
on SMS birthday campaign to customers who weren’t opted-in to email
Rather than using SMS campaigns as a one-off, boohooMAN incorporated SMS into their omnichannel strategy and is now sending personalized campaigns to segmented audiences thanks to Bloomreach. Overall, boohooMAN generated a 5x overall SMS return on investment since using Bloomreach to power these campaigns.
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How does Bloomreach SMS/MMS differ from other similar tools?

With our proprietary Customer Data Engine, you’re able to connect any data, including customer data from your existing marketing channels, POS, CRM, loyalty programs and more. Then use this data to power campaigns, analyze customer behavior, and uncover insights into their customer journey. All of this in one platform.

How long does it take to get set up and who needs to be involved?

When you start a free trial, we’ll get you set up quickly with everything you need to begin sending SMS typically within a few days. This includes full Shopify integration, a verified 10DLC number, and 500,000 free SMS/MMS messages to use within your 30 days. We’ll request a few Shopify account details during initial setup, then your free trial account is self-serve.

What use cases can I expect to deploy during my trial?

During your trial, you will be able to start growing your SMS list with TCPA-compliant sign-up units, set up automations like Welcome Series and Abandoned Cart, send SMS/MMS marketing campaigns, leverage customer event data, and analyze SMS results. Your free trial account comes preloaded with these turn-key templates and capabilities to jumpstart your SMS journey.

What support do I get during my free trial?

During your free trial, you will be guided by our in-app onboarding experience and have immediate access to dedicated advisors via live chat or email for expert help on-demand. Our advisors are available to help anytime with questions or just help you get set up with your account.

What’s zero-party data and why is it important to collect?

Zero-party data refers to information that a person willingly and proactively shares with a company or organization. This information can include things like preferences, interests, and opinions. It’s important to collect since it allows companies to better understand their customers and provide more personalized, relevant experiences. By collecting this data, companies can tailor their products and services to better meet the needs of their customers and build stronger relationships with them. 

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