39 Email & SMS Marketing Stats

What do other marketers think about SMS & Email marketing today? What challenges do they face? What solutions have they found?


Find out now with survey results from 50 marketing & e-commerce directors. You'll also get industry data and benchmarking stats for key performance metrics to gage success of these critical marketing channels. 


Download 39 Email & SMS Marketing Stats to Benchmark Success now and keep your finger on the pulse of digital marketing. 

Download 39 Stats & Survey Results

Download the Benchmark Report now and you will get:


1 тАУ data


Industry data for email & SMS marketing

2 тАУ benchmarks


Benchmarks to quantify, track, and improve engagement

3 тАУ predictions



SMS market growth predictions


4 тАУ survey



Survey responses from other e-commerce professionals like you


5 тАУ quotes


Real quotes about the state of SMS & email marketing today



Stop Questioning, Start Benchmarking

Reliable data & actionable analytics are key to bringing SMS & email marketing together in an effective multi-channel strategy.

If questions about performance and data are swirling in your mind, you're not alone. 


35% of retail companies selling online said business intelligence and analytics represented a challenge, according to a 2022 global survey.*


That's why we pulled together benchmark figures for top performance metrics in email & SMS marketing. Use this report to set realistic targets and milestones for incremental improvement and achieve ultimate success.






The Data You Need to Succeed

Get real insights from other e-commerce professionals and industry data for email & SMS marketing that includes benchmarks for:

  • Deliverability rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue per message
  • Unsubscribe rate

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