Search is better than ever. This time, it's (more) personal.

Faster and more personalized search is now "in session".

Introducing Real-Time Customer Segments

This powerful new add-on for search allows you to define, analyze and deploy customer segments that are updated in real time based on in-session behavior. 

The result? Product and category pages with search results tailored to the preferences of every type of customer. That's personalization at scale.



Think back to the last in-store shopping experience you had that surprised or delighted you.

We've all had at least one stellar shopping experience, and it most likely had to do with that extra attention to detail or personalization.

Real-Time Customer Segments allow you to translate and scale this same type of experience in an online setting, thanks to the combined power of deep product and customer understanding.

It's amazing what can happen when you give shoppers exactly what they're searching for.

Jenson USA achieved +8.5% Revenue Per Visitor with Real-Time Customer Segments
"Our catalog is 30,000+ and there's always room to improve on site search. That's the number one thing we can do to benefit the customer journey and to improve conversion."
Michael Ladinig,
VP of Marketing & Brand, Jenson USA



Commonly Asked Questions

How is this different Relevance by Segment, already provided by Bloomreach Search?

Relevance by Segment is a building block of Real-Time Customer Segments. While Relevance by Segment alone can ingest segment information, Real-Time Customer Segments allow you to build and analyze segments in a way that connects customer understanding to the search engine in real time. This means that you can optimize product rankings within a session based on customer behavior.

Do Real-Time Customer Segments provide value beyond search?
Yes - category grids and pathways powered by Bloomreach will also benefit from segment understanding.
Will this override the merchandising rules we have in place?
No - as with all Bloomreach Discovery solutions, the ultimate power stays in your hands. Any merchandising rules you’ve set up will still take precedence.

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