AI-Infused Product Recommendations Already Know What Your Customers Want

Leveraging the power of AI, machine learning, and a vast amount of data, your online store can create and automate tailor-made product recommendations in line with customer preferences. 

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The Power of Recommendations

Annie Selke observed a substantial revenue lift from intelligent merchandising
Sur La Table boosted category average order value (AOV) by an impressive 11.5%
The Vitamin Shopped saw an increase in RPV for shoppers who started on category pages

Increase Basket Size Using Product Recommendations

  • Convert returning visitors quickly by using an AI product recommendation engine that shows relevant products that are updated in real-time on your e-commerce site
  • Understand customer shopping intent with layered-in search intelligence (i.e. machine learning algorithms) that creates personalized recommendations based on previous purchases, frequently bought products, and more
  • Take advantage of recommendation widgets, like "Best Selling Products," "Trending Products," and "Similar Products," to promote your in-house brand or move excess inventory increasing the conversion rate

Look to Loomi to Automate Redundant Processes

  • Use dynamic recommendations to capture real-time shopping intent based on a customer's interactions (e.g., browsing history, purchase history, social proof, and other types of customer data) and increase RPV and AOV
  • Leverage Bloomreach's Pathways feature to showcase curated product collections to online shoppers, which enhances the digital experience
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your teams using AI automation for personalized product recommendations, while simultaneously lowering the total cost of ownership for IT 

Use Your Merchandising Expertise Where You See Fit

  • Create relevant recommendations by simply dragging and dropping widgets together — meaning no more coding from scratch — before publishing them to your category pages, product pages, or cart page
  • Implement rule-based recommendations to accomplish unique strategies, such as highlighting a specific product category or creating curated collections based on data like past purchases or frequently purchased products
  • Run A/B tests to prove your gut intuition and see how certain recommendations of related products resonate with visitors, then tweak as you continue experimenting

Loomi is AI for E-Commerce

Loomi is built into every one of our products and always has been. It works alongside you to supercharge marketing campaigns, merchandising, site search, and content – making you more efficient and effective than ever before. Think of Loomi as the rockstar intern you’ve always wanted, hungry for data and ready to shine light on ways to action that data, automatically or with your oversight.

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Deliver Better Product Recommendations That Drive Revenue

Whether you are a $50 million company or $5 billion, Bloomreach can help you deliver better product recommendations, all with industry-leading AI included at no extra cost.

For Growth

For Mid-Market companies looking to deliver a customized experience for every customer

  • Semantic product searches that deliver relevant search results instantly
  • Create dynamic recommendations through our easy, rule-based tool
  • Out-of-the-box algorithms to point customers in the right direction on site
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For Enterprise

Unite the search bar and product recommendations for more conversions on page

  • Feed your data into AI-based search to give the most relevant product recommendations
  • Inspire shoppers with custom product collections promoted on any page
  • Show users new additions to your catalog on every visit
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We’ve absolutely seen the value of Bloomreach. Onboarding and using new tools can feel like a burden, so it’s nice to hear from my team that it’s one of their favorite tools to use and the power it brings. It gives us the insights we need to read parts of our business — it’s probably been one of my best decisions since I’ve been here.
Rachel Frederick, VP and GM, E-Commerce at Sur La Table

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