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Change Your Vue of Commerce With the Bloomreach Vue Storefront Integration

Meet the Bloomreach Vue Storefront Integration

Boost Your Bottom Line With a Comprehensive Technology Solution

The Bloomreach Vue Storefront integration brings together best-of-breed technologies for a common purpose — to make your customer’s digital experience a memorable one. Whether you’re a team of 20 or 2,000, all businesses can benefit from this end-to-end commerce solution.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Business’ Challenges 

If your business has a slow online storefront, suffers from a disconnected tech stack, or offers static shopping experiences, invest in our composable commerce solution, which will consolidate your workflows and hit the mark on all of your short- and long-term goals. 

Apply Modern Solutions to Modern Obstacles

Consumers want true personalization — create a complete and tailored commerce experience by replatforming with this innovative application that drives conversions unlike any other solution on the market today. 

Build Memorable Experiences Piece by Piece and Convert More Loyal Customers

  • Stand Up the Store With Vue Storefront’s Front End

  • The integration begins with Vue Storefront, a fast and flexible PWA storefront. As a platform-agnostic front-end framework with a distinct focus on e-commerce, Vue Storefront boasts front-end hosting capabilities, pre-built integrations, and an extensive UI library. 

  • Add in Relevant, Useful Content With Bloomreach Content 

    Vue Storefront’s front-end component works seamlessly with Bloomreach Content, a headless content management system (CMS) that gives teams the ability to easily oversee their content and how it’s displayed online.

    Complete the Puzzle With Bloomreach Discovery and Your Commerce Channel of Choice

    The solution also pairs with Bloomreach Discovery and creates an impactful user experience with self-learning AI-powered site search, SEO, recommendations, and merchandising. The integration also connects to a variety of commerce channels, including BigCommerce, commercetools, Magento, SAP, and Shopify Plus, to carry out the final steps of the purchasing process. 

Case Studies - No fluff, just results

+40% revenue from search
+34% revenue from intelligent merchandising

Annie Selke's strategy to show each customer the right product at the right time in the right place proved successful. Not only by the financial returns, but also by staying true to the brand and making sure the buying process is seamless for their customers.

+16% revenue from search
+4% Add to Cart rate

HD Supply implemented Bloomreach to revamp the site search experience for their customers, resulting in an increase in revenue and a reduction in workload.

25% increase in basket-building speed

As one of the first grocery stores to start online delivery back in the 2000s, Albertsons has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to eCommerce. Albertsons implemented Bloomreach to build an end-to-end online shopping experience.

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