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Trust Bloomreach For BigCommerce Product Search

Customers' shopping expectations are ever-increasing. Speed, scalability and the ever evolving landscape of complex and evolving customer behavior makes the need for effective BigCommerce product search solutions more essential than ever before.

With Bloomreach Discovery as your BigCommerce search engine, you will have new access and understanding of your buyer data and be better equipped to supercharge your BigCommerce personalization and SEO across your website.

With more commerce data powering our search and recommendations algorithms than any other vendor available, Bloomreach Discovery layers over BigCommerce seamlessly to drive revenue and growth. 

Enhance BigCommerce Product Search and Help Shoppers Find Products Faster

Product discoverability & customer experience with sophisticated search

No bad results. No zero-result searches. Make it easy to find what the customer wants to drive more business and revenue. Put simply, search must make sense. Create a search experience that is quick and easy or visitors won’t stick around, resulting in lost sales.

Understand complex queries with semantic search for BigCommerce

As a BigCommerce search engine partner, Boomreach’s natural language processing algorithm and semantic understanding helps you make sense of complex requests to always show the most relevant results and help your customers find what they’re looking for faster.

Always Show the Right Results with Auto-generated Synonyms

Bloomreach automatically generates synonyms based on which terms your customers enter into the search boxes and which products they click on following the search - so you don’t have to.

Take BigCommerce SEO To New Heights with Bloomreach

  • Related Products Enhances Content Richness

    Pages become discoverable for more terms by taking your existing content and adding it to relevant pages on your site.

    Thematic Pages Launch New Pages to Capture Unmet Demand

    Identify popular search terms and if no landing page exists, the Bloomreach for BigCommerce SEO module aggregates relevant products into a new page which is found organically.

  • Related Search Flattens Site Structure

    Our BigCommerce SEO module uses related search to make your pages more crawlable by intelligently linking relevant high ranking and low ranking pages across your site.

Convert Better with The Experience-Driven BigCommerce Product Recommendations Partner

  • Increase basket size, test new promotions

    Use Bloomreach for BigCommerce product recommendations for bestsellers, new arrivals, your house brand, excess inventory, limited-time deals—or anytime you’ve got bonus value to offer.

    Show customers exactly what they want

    What they really, really want. Choose exactly how your BigCommerce product recommendations are displayed, trigger what will appear, and dynamically swap in products based on visitors’ search terms.

  • Show product recommendations in real-time using both customer and product data

    Product recommendations are updated in real-time, leveraging not just customer data like shopping behavior and browsing but also Bloomreach’s intelligent index, including search intent and filter behavior.


Case Studies - No fluff, just results

+40% revenue from search
+34% revenue from intelligent merchandising

Annie Selke's strategy to show each customer the right product at the right time in the right place proved successful. Not only by the financial returns, but also by staying true to the brand and making sure the buying process is seamless for their customers.

+16% revenue from search
+4% Add to Cart rate

HD Supply implemented Bloomreach to revamp the site search experience for their customers, resulting in an increase in revenue and a reduction in workload.

25% increase in basket-building speed

As one of the first grocery stores to start online delivery back in the 2000s, Albertsons has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to eCommerce. Albertsons implemented Bloomreach to build an end-to-end online shopping experience.

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