Hamburg Messe and Congress 

The Festival of Digital Universe, OMR 2024

We trust you had an amazing time at OMR 2024! Discover how Bloomreach experienced OMR in our video.

Additionally, you can now watch the recording of our masterclass and keynote session by our CEO, Raj De Datta. Stay tuned for updates on OMR 2025!

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A Marketer’s Purpose in the Age of AI
Raj De Datta CEO, Bloomreach 

Yellow Stage, OMR 


With the rise of generative AI, there has been no shortage of fear, awe, and uncertainty about what this technology can actually do. And this has led many marketers to wonder: what will this mean for my job? Join Raj De Datta, bestselling author and CEO of Bloomreach, as he discusses how the role of the marketer will transform in the age of AI — and why changing consumer expectations are putting urgency behind that transformation.


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Engagement with a “Speedboat Mindset” at any organizational scale with Miele & Tamaris
CMO: Amanda (Elam) Cole, Bloomreach 

Masterclass, OMR

If not here, where else would you get the impression that you're too late, that you don't know enough, that you're missing the hype train? But is that really the case? Or are we all equally far behind? Is the step ahead simply the first step forward? We take you to perhaps the most decisive KPIs of the moment, which can ensure survival in the innovation jungle: Time to Value. Whether you are a newcomer or a scaler, for the first step into the future of customer experience, this only plays a secondary role. All this and much more, as a CX original at OMR, presented by Amanda Cole (CMO of Bloomreach US) and Nils Weber (Partner at valantic CX).

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Speakers Profile 

Mattia Tonolo
Mattia Tonolo

Global CRM Activation Director, Miele

As the Global CRM Activation Director at Miele X, Mattia excels in leveraging global use cases to drive customer engagement. His critical approach ensures peak outcomes in CRM innovations, marrying data insights with customer needs passionately. Mattia's role emphasizes the global execution of CRM strategies, making him a pivotal figure in shaping future customer experiences. His dedication to excellence makes his insights invaluable for anyone looking to understand the intricacies of customer relationship management at a global scale.

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2 (12)-1
Cynthia von Ruckteschell

Manager, valantic 

Given her depth of expertise, Cynthia is not only a Manager but a passionate & involved key person in her projects. Currently, she demonstrates her exceptional skills with the global Miele project & more, showcasing her ability to navigate complex projects with ease, underscoring her vital role in digital strategy and customer data management. Adding to her deep experience in covering consumer-facing brands from almost any industry, she is surely the most designated to moderate an exclusive panel at OMR.

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Marco Ziemski
Marco Ziemski

Head of Ecommerce, Wortmann Fashion Retail GmbH

Marco, as the Head of E-Commerce, Sales/Buying, & CRM at Tamaris, is pivotal in shaping the brand's digital landscape. With his rich history of enhancing digital processes in the Consumer Goods & Retail sector, Marco dedicates his expertise to refining customer-centric processes, aiming to delight Tamaris enthusiasts digitally across Europe. His leadership ensures that the team continuously evolves to meet and exceed the digital expectations of their customers at the necessary pace to deliver stable output in challenging markets.

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See you at OMR 2025!

6-7 May 2025, Hamburg