E-Commerce Marketing Psychology: Email Course

Learn how to optimize every stage of the buyer journey using tactics backed by behavioral psychology.

Powerful insights delivered straight to your inbox, from a behavioral strategist.

What to expect?

Sign up for the course and you'll get a series of emails walking you through a typical e-commerce customer's buying journey. At each step, you'll get specific ideas for how to apply behavioral psychology insights to achieve your goals.


Some highlights:

  • How to use social proof on the homepage to increase sales from first-time shoppers
  • Tips for making a stand-out category page
  • Little-known strategies for optimizing the checkout process

Meet the instructor

Peter Mucka

Peter Mucka cooperates with Exponea as a Behavioral Strategist, where he works with the Value & Innovation Team to help look beyond just the data in order to approach challenges with a new and innovative perspective guided by scientific insights into human behavior. He uses his understanding of human behavior to approach and create business models that drive results. Peter combines his experience and knowledge to solve business problems by identifying behavioral patterns and using them to develop and tweak innovative systems that challenge the status quo.

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