How the

Cookie Crumbles


Scrap third-party cookies.

Bake homemade cookies.

The perfect match. 


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Bloomreach how the cookie crumbles event

As the internet becomes more privacy-centric by the day, your company needs to be aware of changes to third-party cookies. And what better way to learn about cookies than with cookies of your own — delicious, made in the comfort of your own home. 

About the Event

Hear from Martin Simo, our Product Marketing Manager, and a special guest, Shruti Tiwari, Executive Director, Media Strategy @ Ogilvy, about Bloomreach customers who have succeeded in combating the changes to third-party cookies and learn how your company can do the same.
The event has concluded, but there's still time to get your care package of cookie ingredients, an oven mitt, and a new mug while supplies last.

What's Cooking?

  • Your own baking kit to make some delicious homemade cookies. Need we say more?
  • Real-life examples and results from companies that have begun to rely less on third-party cookies and made necessary changes to own their customer data and relationships. 
  • Your opportunity to learn more about what the future of cookieless commerce looks like. Is your company prepared for the shift away from third-party tracking? Find out.

Hey, let's get baking!

Meet Your Host

martin simo portrait - mini (1) (1) (1) (1)

Martin Simo

Product Marketing Manager, Bloomreach

Martin has a deep understanding of marketing and marketing technologies. He's an expert in analytics, data privacy and personalization and has experience from various marketing roles including Head of Marketing for a multinational e-commerce brand. He's obsessed with asking the right questions that lead to achieving objectives.

A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

Hey, preheat the oven!

LET'S GET baking

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