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We Do Personalized Marketing Automation With CDP

{First Name} {Last Name} Personalization is so last year

Using our CDP-backed marketing automation platform, marketers are able to create personalized email campaigns that deliver results. Capture customer buying data and send personalized marketing emails at the perfect moment when your customers are most likely to purchase, driving revenue and ROI



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We Do Search and Merchandising 

AI-driven Product Discovery With the Fastest ROI

Bloomreach Discovery has the fastest ROI of any product discovery solution on the market. Our suite of search, merchandising, and recommendations is a unique balance of AI innovation and merchandiser empowerment, allowing your business to see the highest RPV of any vendor with the least time and effort for you and your team.

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We Do Headless CMS

Bring Your Whole Team Together With a Content Platform Built for Commerce

Bloomreach Content is a headless content platform built for commerce. Users can manage their storefront and easily add products to any page, leveraging an intelligent understanding of customers to drive inspiration and conversion. Bloomreach Content is a fully SaaS-based, API-driven platform, giving businesses the flexibility to grow at their own pace — starting with a few landing pages or powering their entire site experience.

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