Fashion Forward: Leading With Loyalty Live Demo

2023 has an agenda, and loyalty is at the top of the list.

  February 9, 2023
 1:00 p.m. GMT  

High CAC Leaving You In Heartbreak?

Though the world has reopened, the economic uncertainty has left us all feeling a little...crushed. Spend is being cut and CAC is on the rise, yet revenue goals remain the same. But the good news is you can still drive growth without acquiring new customers. Foster that "be mine" mentality within your customer base by pinning down your fashion agenda and designing a loyalty strategy that's the perfect fit!

We're Serving Up More Than Looks


Fashion Rule #1: Pamper Yourself!: Before we design a timeless loyalty strategy, indulge in a sweet treat on us. We'll even ship the samples right to your door.

Do More With Less:
Pining over budget during economic uncertainty isn't trendy. Make the most of what you have, and still give your customers the personalised pampering they deserve. Building brand affinity and increasing CLTV at the same time? Sounds like a love story in the making!

Q&A Session:
Got questions? We've got answers! Ed is happy to answer all of your enquiries during the session to make sure you are well equipped to conjure up magical customer experiences.


Fall In Love With Loyalty

Meet Your Host

Ed Brocklebank

Senior Solutions Consultant

Ed is a Senior Solutions Consultant for Bloomreach Engagement. His combination of marketing, technical and strategic knowledge places him in a unique position to assist companies with their digital marketing challenges. He advises customers looking to upgrade their marketing technology stack on how to leverage Bloomreach's platform to achieve profitable growth through real-time personalisation, marketing automation, and single customer views.

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