Efficient Merchandising Unlocked: Live Demo and Q&A 

Join us to get all your merchandising questions answered!
Our host, and Head of Experience Strategy, Roxy Couse will give you the keys to unlock efficient merchandising, just in time for peak season!

  Available On-Demand Now
  Duration: 1 hour
80/20 Insights
8020 Merchandising Tool
For most companies, peak season is make or break for their year. Are you prepared to get the most out of that traffic?

Do you have questions? We are here to help you answer all of them

Efficient Merchandising Unlocked 
We will take a deep dive into how to leverage insights and rules to identify and prioritize opportunities so that you can accelerate your work and drive greater outcomes. You will see how to leave the manual dig for information behind, and ultimately remove the friction between your customers and their discovery and purchase of your products!
8020 Product Merchandising
8020 Personalization
Q&A Session
Roxy will answer all your questions during this session to ensure you are equipped with everything you need to know in order to drive real growth within your organization! Any questions we can't get to, we will be sure to follow up with via email.

Meet your host

Roxy Headshot

Roxy Couse

Head of Experience Strategy at Bloomreach

Roxy is a seasoned e-commerce strategist with over a decade of experience in defining digital merchandising tactics and strategies, as well as driving growth for… organizations. She has led e-commerce merchandising for in-house digital teams such as Whirlpool, Frontgate, Avery Dennison, and Dillards Inc., and holds an advanced degree in User Experience Design.
She has a wealth of experience in this discipline, and is very passionate about all things e-commerce and site merchandising. She is also the host of Bloomreach’s Digital Merchandising Community Meetups.


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