How a DXP Helps Distributors Win at E-Commerce

Sell online like you sell on site.

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Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

(n): a consolidated solution that helps you deliver a personalized online experience for customers across every digital touchpoint.

What a DXP Can Do For Your Distribution Business
Want to see better returns from your digital investment? In this e-book, we tackle the biggest challenges facing distributors and explain how a DXP can help you create a seamless customer experience online.
Learn how a DXP can help you win at e-commerce, today.

Does your site reflect the expertise and guidance your customers expect from your brand?

Customers expect a more sophisticated online experience that includes simplified ordering, detailed product data, personalized product recommendations, and access to specialized support. 
Yet, over three-quarters (76%) of B2B buyers experienced challenges while shopping on supplier websites and, as a result, over half said they would not buy from the same business again.
Discover your possible 'digital roadblocks' and how you can increase profits in our latest e-book. We'll cover the challenges facing distributors and how DXPs can help them transform your online customer experience.

What you'll find inside:

icon_01-What’s holding distributors back
What's holding distributors back from meeting growing customer expectations online
icon_03-The role of a DXP
How distributors' current technology stacks up against what they really need
icon_02-How distributors_ current
The role of a DXP in transforming how distributors deliver the ideal customer experience
icon_04-The cost of not upgrading
The cost of not upgrading your customers' digital experiences

Hey, are you ready to leverage your digital investments and make your online business profitable?

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