How B2B Businesses Can Stand Out and Create Amazing Customer Experiences

A trap many B2B leaders fall into is emphasizing the need to be “as good as” some other well-known e-commerce company. But that line of thinking means you’re only ever playing catch-up and are likely only providing adequate customer experiences. To be a truly customer-focused company in the e-commerce space, you need to adopt a “be the best” mentality and differentiate your business from the competition and lead in digital.
Discussion includes:


How to move beyond cookie-cutter competitor benchmarks to focus on what customers want as well as what they would love


How to truly know your customer by understanding what makes their job difficult and solving that core problem for them



How to use customer behavior data to make their on-site shopping experiences more personalized
Meet Your Speakers
Jason Hein
Principal B2B Visionary | Bloomreach
Jason Hein is a leading digital strategist and innovator for B2B businesses, with over 25 years of experience working with firms — from the Fortune 50 to small family-owned firms — to build their online businesses. At Bloomreach, Jason taps into his direct experience managing a wide variety of product types, from abrasives to z-bars, to help manufacturers and distributors identify and deploy new technologies across our Discovery, Content, and Engagement pillars and differentiate their digital business, build customer trust, and grow revenue online.

Ryan Sasscer
Director of Ecommerce and Digitization | Sonepar
Ryan is an innovative thought leader, driven by a goal to create the best electrical distributor ecommerce platform in the world. Ryan’s customer centric mindset and passion inspire a collaborative team working towards a common goal to reimagine Sonepar USA’s digital solutions.


Brady Kerr
Digital Program Manager | Sonepar
Brady has been in the Electrical Distribution business for 22 years. The last 13 years he has been working in ecommerce and onsite product search to transform the Electrical Distribution landscape. Brady has experience using IBM Websphere Commerce and Bloomreach to manage search and merchandising for multiple websites and millions of products.



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