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Elevate your email marketing campaigns with advanced targeting and AI-powered personalization. Bloomreach Engagement connects your customer data to multiple marketing channels, resulting in more personalized email marketing efforts that drive revenue growth.

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Some numbers for you

Oliver Bonas saw a 161% jump in conversion rates
The Thinking Traveller increased booking enquiries by 33%
DFS saw a 4.2% conversion rate increase

Understand Your Audience and Send Personalized Campaigns

Bloomreach unifies customer data and all your marketing channels in one comprehensive solution, making email personalization an intuitive process. Engage and retain your customers by sending them relevant and consistent marketing across all channels, including email, at scale.

Effortlessly Design Impactful Emails

Bloomreach Engagement's intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create, preview, and test your emails — all without relying on IT. With real-time data fueling personalized elements like product recommendations and dynamic content blocks, you can drive value quickly and craft the perfect message to fit into your customer journey.

Make Every Email Count With AI-Powered Campaigns

Take your email marketing personalization to the next level with the power of AI. Loomi, our AI built for e-commerce, can translate customer data into tailor-made messages, helping you personalize the content, cadence, and timing of every email for every customer.

Loomi is AI for Ecommerce

Loomi is built into every one of our products and always has been. It works alongside you to supercharge marketing campaigns, merchandising, site search, and content – making you more efficient and effective than ever before. Think of Loomi as the rockstar intern you’ve always wanted, hungry for data and ready to shine light on ways to action that data, automatically or with your oversight.

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Email Marketing Designed to Help You Grow

Whether you are a $50 million company or $5 billion, Bloomreach can help you scale your email ROI, all with industry-leading AI included at no extra cost. 

For Growth

For Mid-market companies who have outgrown their current email solutions.

  • Bloomreach AI Enhanced Personalization
  • Out of the box segments and templates
  • Workflow templates to help you get personalized emails sent quicker
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For Enterprise

Utilize large subscriber numbers and drive more ROI from email campaigns.

  • Next Gen AI capabilities to enhance personalization
  • Unify online and offline customer data to send hyper personalized emails
  • Customizable and advanced attribution modeling
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Thanks to Bloomreach, we now have a lot better tracking of how our emails behave. We are sending a lot fewer emails, but with the higher engagement rate, we are increasing our sales.
Simon Lofgren, Marketing Automation Specialist, Proffsmagasinet

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