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The transformative shift to embracing AI’s full potential has unlocked limitless possibilities for innovation.

Now’s the time to decode the future and effectively wield AI for unparalleled personalization. 2024 will be the year of transformative user experiences with AI as a guiding principle. We want to help you move through the year ahead with a focus on efficiency, innovation, and a commitment to transforming the customer experience landscape. In this can't-miss virtual event, hear industry experts from brands like Bloomreach, Manscaped, Etsy, Chewy, and Gap as they help you navigate the future of AI and personalization.

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Tuesday, February 27th
Wednesday, February 28th
1:00 - 1:05
Duration: 5 minutes
Join us for the introduction to the Commerce Experience Summit 2024, plus learn how to play Commerce Experience Summit Bingo. This event will play at the same time in both the EST and GMT time zones. Select your prefered time zone in the form below! 
Amanda Elam
CMO, Bloomreach
Elena Kacan
Community Marketing Manager, Bloomreach
1:05 - 1:35
Duration: 30 minutes
Bringing Back the Joy of Shopping
TLDR; Shopping was once a favorite pastime, but with the obstacles retailers are facing post-pandemic, it's become more of a chore than something we derive joy from. Gen AI has the power to change that by connecting with shoppers and helping them to feel understood.
Valeria Fonseca
Product Marketing Manager - Discovery, Bloomreach
Sajjad Khan
Digital Product Management - Head of Loyalty Transformation and Strategy, Gap Inc.
1:40 - 2:25
Duration: 45 minutes
A Year of Experience Data: Make the Most of Every Visit

Understand global trends across the top digital KPIs that are crucial to creating better online shopping experiences. During this session, we’ll dissect the customer journey based on billions of user sessions to help you capitalize on every ever-more valuable visit to your site.  Discover practical learnings on optimization and personalization, and leave eager to kick-start retail growth in 2024.

Eleni Mitzalis
Director of Demand Generation, Contentsquare
Rick Kenney
Founder and Managing Director, Leading Lights
Roxanna Couse
Director, Customer Experience Group, Bloomreach
2:30 - 3:15
Duration: 45 minutes
The Key to LTV: Unlocking the Customer Journey

With customer acquisition costs on the rise, marketers need to unlock the potential of their customers, and the customer journey is the key. Join our industry experts delve into the pivotal role of the customer journey in revitalizing your audience and mitigating rising customer acquisition costs. Discover strategic insights, actionable techniques, and real-world examples that illuminate the path to increased customer lifetime value (LTV).  Don't miss this opportunity to transform your marketing approach and secure long-term success in the ever-changing landscape of customer engagement.

Valentina Benaglio
Product Marketing Manager - Engagement, Bloomreach
Bunmi Familoni
Director - Growth & Lifecycle Marketing, Quip
Maddy Booker-Price
Head of Ecommerce, Urban Outfitters
3:45 - 4:45
Duration: 1 hour
Keynote: The Rise of Experience Retail

In 2023 we began to see the rise of experience retail. The widespread excitement around events like the Barbie movie or the Taylor Swift Eras Tour immersed consumers wholly in the experience — driving related purchases for themed outfits, accessories, costumes, and so on. In 2024 we’ll see that trend continue, with an even greater impact on e-commerce sales.
Using AI, e-commerce can adapt far more quickly to shifts in consumer demand than physical retail. This adaptation means businesses will be able to see these waves coming before they’re in full swing, shifting merchandising strategies or marketing tactics to further capitalize on timely events.

Christy Augustine
COO, Bloomreach
Stefani Rosenberg
Senior Director of Marketing Product & Process, Ex-Macy's
Elena Kacan
Community Marketing Manager, Bloomreach
1:00 - 1:45
Duration: 45 minutes
Trimming the CX Fat: Loyalty through Efficiency
In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, the efficiency of execution is more critical than ever. Businesses must be agile and responsive to meet the evolving needs of their customers, all while maintaining a razor-sharp focus on fostering long-term loyalty. During this session, we'll explore how to create and streamline a seamless customer experience that not only delights your customers but also strengthens their bond with your brand, which ultimately places a strong emphasis on building and nurturing customer loyalty.
Dominik Pribyla
Product Marketing Manager - Engagement, Bloomreach
Stephanie Hinze
Vice President, Global Direct-To-Consumer, Manscaped
Remya Narayanaswami
Sr. Director, Loyalty, Chewy
1:50 - 2:27
Duration: 40 minutes
From Back-End to Front-End: AI's Role in Ecommerce Transformation
Join our webinar for a dynamic conversation diving into the practicalities of AI in e-commerce. Discover how AI boosts operational efficiency, empowers smarter work, and transforms the customer experience. Explore real changes, future trends, challenges, and unexpected benefits. This dialogue demystifies AI’s role, offering valuable insights for e-commerce success.
Anirban Bardalaye
CPO, Bloomreach
Brendan Witcher
VP Principal Analyst, Forrester
2:27 - 2:50
Duration: 20 minutes
Flexibility without Friction: A Composable Approach

In this session we’ll explore how Bloomreach and BigCommerce have helped organizations make informed decisions as they transition to a more adaptable and efficient ecommerce ecosystem, and share success stories of how brands are revolutionizing their ecommerce strategies by embracing modular, adaptable, and future-proof platforms.

Mitch McKay
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, BigCommerce
Mikaela Ferguson
Manager, Headless Partnerships, Bigcommerce
Chris Gardner
Head of Strategic Technology Alliances, Bloomreach
2:50 - 3:35
Duration: 45 minutes
Responsible AI: Frameworks, Considerations, and Execution
Explore the intricate interplay of ethics and responsibility in AI during this thought-provoking session. Delve into the pressing issues of government regulation and the implications for companies integrating AI into their tech stack, all while considering the ever-present challenge of achieving perfect AI ethics. Discover strategies for responsible self-regulation within the industry, fostering a culture of responsible AI development, and continuously monitoring and refining AI systems. Join the conversation and gain insights into navigating the ethical landscape of AI, understanding that in this evolving domain, there are always risks and concerns to be addressed.
Paul Edwards
Technical Product Strategist, Bloomreach
Jyothi Nookula
Director of Product Management, ML, Etsy
3:35 - 4:35
Duration: 1 hour
Embracing Limitless Personalization: The Future of E-commerce
Explore how AI-powered personalization is reshaping the e-commerce landscape and uncover the limitless potential it holds for your business. In this session, we'll delve into the future of e-commerce, where tailored customer experiences are the key to success. Discover the strategies and innovations that will keep your business ahead of the curve.
Amanda Elam
CMO, Bloomreach
Garima Agarwal
Chief Technology Officer, Ex-Nutrafol

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