CDP + Marketing Automation – It’s a Big Deal

When it comes to commerce, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are the winning ticket to increasing sales, improving customer lifetime value, and enhancing loyalty. But your data is only useful if it's easily leveraged throughout the customer experience. Get up to speed on how a CDP + Marketing Automation can drive tremendous results.


What is a Customer Data Platform

Read Our Guide and Discover:

  • The difference between CDP, DMP, and CRM solutions

  • How a CDP improves customer lifetime value and loyalty

  • The power you can unleash with a built-for-commerce CDP + Marketing Automation

  • How long it takes to implement a CDP and recognize ROI

  • Why old-school marketing solutions don’t hold a candle to the ease of use, ROI, and user satisfaction Bloomreach delivers

Get a Bigger Slice of Customer Loyalty

Bloomreach Engagement is the only CDP that’s built for commerce. And it comes with integrated marketing automation tools you’ll love.


  • Ease of Use

  • Quality of Support

  • ROI

  • Overall Satisfaction

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