Understand the Best Practices for Cross-Channel Campaign Management for Retailers

Fine-Tune Your CCCM Capabilities Across Five Dimensions.

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Double Down On Customer Data Management As A Foundation For CCCM

Unify and transform data from disparate sources → Read

Assemble high-fidelity customer profiles and preferences → Read

Establish trust based on identity resolution and privacy → Read

Apply Customer Analytics To Power Individualized Personalization

Anticipate and learn from customer behavior → Read

Leverage AI to enhance customer experience (CX) delivery → Read

Optimize decision-making with digital intelligence → Read

Orchestrate Campaigns That Deliver Customer Value

Focus on contextually relevant outbound campaigns → Read

Enrich customer-initiated digital experiences → Read

Extend marketing’s reach to human-assisted touchpoints → Read

Design Campaigns That Personify Your Brand Promise

Align campaigns with customer-focused business metrics → Read

Create campaigns within the context of customer journeys → Read

Personalize experience delivery for individual customers → Read

Adopt Customer-Centric Measurement For Continuous Optimization

Embed experimentation in the CCCM mindset → Read

Shift from post-campaign reporting to proactive optimization → Read

Prove marketing’s value to both customers and the business → Read

Stop losing revenue from your campaign management. 

When done right, cross-channel campaign management converts 3x more — meaning that 15% of your visitors today should account for at least 45% of your revenue. If you're seeing anything less, it's time for a new CCCM solution.

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