Back-to-School Social Webinar

Scoop up Success:

Prepare for Peak Season With AI-Powered Engagement Campaigns

Enjoy a thought-provoking virtual event exploring how your back-to-school e-commerce performance can inform the upcoming holiday peak season. Shake up homemade ice cream floats while discussing the power of AI-fueled marketing campaigns to prepare and unlock increased revenue potential.


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You Scream, AI Screams, We All Scream for ICE CREAM:
Discover Expert Strategies for Enhancing the Online Experience
At Bloomreach, we've been at the forefront of developing and implementing AI technologies to enhance the e-commerce experience for both consumers and businesses. Our team of pioneers walk through how AI has transformed the way businesses interact with customers online. Take away practical strategies to improve your customer communication, increase customer retention, and boost revenue.
What To Expect


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Make your own ice cream "in a bag" and turn it into a float with the coolest hosts
Impress your family and friends this summer by learning how to mix up home-made ice cream without any fancy equipment. 
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Mix up hyper-personalized experiences with impactful engagement campaigns to boost peak season sales
In the fiercely competitive online landscape, prioritizing customer engagement is critical to standing out. The key ingredients lie in understanding customers' needs, preferences, and behaviors, as well as leveraging this valuable data to offer meaningful experiences.
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Hear real examples of companies that have driven significant results from real-time, personalized campaigns
Let's get real — as real as the delicious ice cream floats you'll make. Learn about companies who've upgraded their digital experiences, seen success, and increased engagement.

Meet Your Hosts

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Kelsey Rogalski

Senior Client Success Manager, Bloomreach

Kelsey joined the Bloomreach team in March 2020 with an extensive professional background in e-commerce. Using the foundations of design-thinking, she focuses on creating well-balanced and elegant solutions using both a strategic and data-driven lens. She has grown to be a subject-matter-expert on Engagement and cross-product utilization, revealing key use cases and practical real-life examples.
Unboxed Experiences
Ice Cream Float Experience
Unboxed's energetic hosts start off the party teaching you how to make ice cream at home before sculpting ice cream floats to your delight. Go bananas building out your own flavor combinations or stick to the tried and true American classic, the root beer float with vanilla ice cream. It's a top-rated interactive experience that includes upbeat songs to shake your ice cream to.
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