Are You Ready For The Cookieless World?

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About the Event

Customer expectations for both personalization and data-privacy are high and continuing to gain prominence. Not only do they expect digital experiences to be tailored to their interests, but they also want to be involved with the data used to drive them. And they’re completely in the right.

As the internet becomes more privacy-centric by the day, your company needs to be aware of changes to third-party cookies. Join our webinar and we will show you the right strategies to survive in the cookieless world!


Topics Include




Real-life examples and results from companies that have begun to rely less on third-party cookies and made necessary changes to own their customer data and relationships.
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Opportunity to learn more about what the future of cookieless commerce looks like. Is your company prepared for the shift away from third-party tracking? Find out.


Q&A Session where we will answer all your questions to ensure you know everything you need to in order to drive real growth within your organization!



Meet Your Host

Manuel Tönz
Manuel Tönz
Director of Client Strategy EMEA
Manuel is a recognised technology tactician with more than 15 years of experience in developing customer-centric delivery models across multiple industries, including leading as a programme director on several large CX software implementations.
With his pragmatic approach and entrepreneurial spirit, he has extensive international experience in the US, UK, EU and APAC. Manuel holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics (Eisenstadt, Austria) and is a certified IT specialist in Switzerland. At Bloomreach, Manuel is responsible for providing strategic advice to clients on their digital and commerce experience transformation.

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