Monthly Discovery Best Practices 

Each month, our experts host a live, 45-minute webinar focused on helping customers like you get the most out of Bloomreach Discovery, covering various topics related to Search, Merchandising, Recommendations, and more.
Check out all of the 2023 session recordings below!

2023 Holiday Prep 🎁


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October Discovery Best Practices

Algorithm Controls

Slide deck available here

Join this session to learn which algorithm controls will help you meet business goals and exceed KPIs.

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All Session Recordings:


February Discovery Best Practices

New Year, Refreshed Merchandising Strategy

We're back with our first Discovery Best Practices webinar of the new year! During this session, our hosts will talk through merchandising trends and best practices that emerged in 2022 and the ones to watch for throughout 2023. 

As a Bloomreach Discovery user, learn how you can leverage the platform to prepare for and execute against these trends to ensure success in the year ahead.

Slide deck available here


April Discovery Best Practices

Back to Brilliant Basics: Maximizing Out of the Box Value

During this month's session, we're going back to basics and focusing on a topic requested by many of our customers: a deep dive into the foundational aspects of Bloomreach Discovery. Together, we'll explore these foundational aspects and how to get the most out of them to drive results. 

Slide deck available here


June Discovery Best Practices

2023 Holiday Prep 🎁 (Yes, It's Already Time!)

It’s never too early to start preparing for retail’s busiest time of the year! During this month’s session, we will walk through best practices and actions you can take now to succeed during 2023’s holiday shopping seasons.

Slide deck available here

August Discovery Best Practices

Deep Dive into Recommendations & Pathways

In this session, a cross-functional Bloomreach Team will walk through how retailers are using recommendations and pathways to supercharge product discovery with full-funnel strategies and use cases.

Slide deck available here

March Discovery Best Practices

Making Data-Driven Merchandising Decisions

During this session, we'll show you how to utilize Bloomreach Insights - from a 10,000 foot view of your store, to 100 feet above your aisle, to individual optimization. You will also learn how you can optimize execution and manage post-optimization reporting through Bloomreach Discovery.

Slide deck available here


May Discovery Best Practices

Beyond Expectations: Personalizing the Product Discovery Experience for B2B Buyers

B2B Distributors: this month's Discovery Best Practices session is for you! Our goal during this session is to help you enhance and personalize the procurement experience for your buyers using the innovative capabilities available to you as a Bloomreach Discovery customer. 

Slide deck available here

July Discovery Best Practices

Solving for Scale: Using Global Levers, Cloning Configurations, & More

We’ll walk through several levers that allow eCommerce teams to make scalable impacts on their business, and we’ll also cover some of the latest & greatest features released such as Customizable Product Card Attributes and Cloning Configurations.

Slide deck available here

September Discovery Best Practices

Real-Time Segments

Stop Serving Up "One Size Fits None" Experiences - A Guide to Audience-Based Searchandizing & Merchandising.

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